Just like your bath towels, your bathmat should be washed regularly to minimize the spread of bacteria. Used by all the members of the family following their daily (or nightly!) shower or bath, bath mats can quickly become a breeding ground for microbes - particularly given that it dries in a humid environment. So, how often should you wash your bathmat? To machine wash, or not to machine wash? Read on for our top tips.

Taking care of your bathmat

To ensure things stay fresh, clean and microbe-free, it’s recommended to wash your bathmat at least once per week at around 40°C. A moderate spin cycle (800 rpm) should suffice. Most bathmats can then be dried in the tumble dryer.

It’s possible to wash your bathmat and bath towels together, as long as they’re the same colour - otherwise your beautiful colours and prints may run or stain! As a general rule, always check the label and make sure that the cycle you choose is appropriate for the textile of your bathmat.

Tips for washing your bathmat

After washing your bathmat, dry it outside in the open air if possible. It’s also recommended to hoover or shake your bathmat regularly to remove any dust or hair that may be trapped in the fibres.

The magic of terry cotton towelling

Most bathmats are made from terry cotton towelling. Extremely absorbent, terry cotton towelling’s fibres are excellent for soaking up water. For example, terry cotton with a weight of 740g can absorb up to a litre of water per square metre. Cotton bathmats’ composition is also expressed in weight. At Carré Blanc, our bathmats weigh between 600g/m² et 900g/m² depending on the textile type. The higher the weight, the softer and more absorbent the bathmat.

Crafted from a variety of textiles and finished, Carré Blanc’s bathmats are designed to stand the test of time. Plain or printed, there’s one for every home décor trend without compromising on quality, style or longevity.