Dreaming of creating your very own at-home spa? Nothing says relax like a stack of soft, warm bath towels fresh out of the tumble dryer. Our bath towels see us through rushed morning showers and relaxing after-work baths - but used on the daily, they can quickly become a hub for microbes and bacteria. Unsurprisingly, it’s essential to wash your bath towels and bath sheets regularly, at the right temperature and using the right settings. Read on for our expert tips.

Taking care of your bath towels

Mould, microbes and bacteria love warm, damp areas like our bathrooms, where they often spread to bath towels, hand towels and bathmats. To keep things clean and to avoid unpleasant odors, it’s important to regularly wash your bath sets and bath linen at least once per week, ideally twice.

To make sure your bath towels stay clean for longer, don’t wait until they look or smell dirty to wash them! Here are a few simple tips:

  • Separate light and coloured textiles and wash according to the label.

  • Wash your bath towels between 40°C and 60°s, with or without fabric softener.

  • Don’t wash your bath linen on a high spin cycle - a 1200 spin cycle is ideal.

  • Avoid tumble-drying soft cotton bath towels.

Wherever possible, try to dry your bath towels outside in the open air rather than in the dryer. Most important of all, dry your towels immediately after washing them to avoid musty smells. For persistent stains, soak the fabric in distilled white vinegar before washing.

Carré Blanc bath towels and bath accessories: quality and style

Our luxurious range of bath towels and bath accessories are designed with your skin in mind, for a luxurious, ultra-soft bathtime experience. Made from pure cotton, our bath towels are perfect for relaxing after a long bath or shower. And because we think that everyone should have a home that reflects who they are, we’ve designed a stylish range of plain or printed bath towels and bath accessories. Luxuriously soft to the touch, our on-trend bath sheets and bath towels feature intricate border detailing and jacquard panelling, in ultra-soft satin or absorbent bamboo viscose.

Thanks to our unique cotton towelling, a textile innovation developed exclusively for Carré Blanc, our range of bath linen and bath accessories will stand the test of time, making it the perfect investment for your bathroom or shower room. Our absorbent, ultra-soft low-twist cotton towels can take a tumble in the dryer while remaining kind to delicate skin. For the ultimate in bathtime luxury, our Maestro range in zero-twist cotton guarantees maximum softness for a lightweight yet comforting cotton towel that stays bouncy.

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