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CARE - Looking after your bathrobe

A must for anyone looking to create a relaxing spa experience at home, the humble bathrobe is a wardrobe staple. Just like your towels and bath linen, however, your bathrobe deserves the best of care. Carré Blanc reveals the secret to taking care of your bathrobe wash after wash.

Looking after your bathrobe: checking the fabric

Most bathrobes are made from cotton towelling. Others are made from bamboo viscose, silk or cotton sateen. Washing your bathrobe correctly depends upon its composition - for example, silk or cotton sateen bathrobes must be washed on a cold temperature. Cotton bathrobes can be washed at 40°c and tumble-dried.

Washing your bathrobe

As its name suggests, the bathrobe is intended to absorb excess humidity after towelling off post-bath or -shower. As such, it’s often prone to dampness or mustiness, which can lead to bacteria spreading. To avoid this, make sure to wash your bathrobe regularly after checking the label. This will usually indicate the maximum temperature. Cotton bathrobes can usually be washed at 40°c, while microfibre bathrobes should be washed at 30°C.

Drying your bathrobe

Just like washing your bathrobe, drying your bathrobe correctly depends on its composition. Delicate fabrics should be hung up on a hanger and dried in the open air. Cotton bathrobes are generally suitable for tumble-drying, but this should be avoided with other textiles. To make sure your bathrobe retains its shape after washing and drying, throw a couple of tennis balls into the drum when washing and drying. The improved air distribution will help the fabric to remain bouncy and fresh.

How often should you wash your bathrobe?

Regularly washing your bathrobe will help to eliminate the buildup of dead skin cells. It’s recommended to wash your bathrobe once a week. As such, it’s important to choose a product that will retain its shape and colour. Carré Blanc’s range of bathrobes and dressing gowns guarantee durability and comfort wash after wash.

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