Nothing is lost, everything is recycled. And this also applies to household linen. Why not give your bed sheets for a second life, pillowcases and towels rather than leaving them in a corner of the cupboard? Here are three tutorials identified on YouTube to intelligently recycle your old textiles. To your scissors!

Make a tote bag with an old tablecloth

Among the textiles to recycle, table linen can be a good option to make a tote bag as useful as it is trendy. Take a vintage tablecloth, whose patterns and colors you like, and transform it into a handbag to do your shopping or go to the gym. A smart way to combine your love for fashion and your desire to preserve the environment. Goodbye the plastic bag, and hello the washable and infinite reusable fabric bag!

Make a bath mat with old towels

Have your toilet towels made their time? Thanks to this tutorial, learn how to create an original bath mat with your used bathing laundry. Take three towels of different colors, cut them into strips of the same width, then make a braid with them. Result: a spiral bath mat that creatively dresses the shower outlet. A unique object of its kind, to be declined with all the colors you have at home.

Make a skirt with old sheets

What to do with old sheets? A pretty skirt for the beautiful season hold on! Our duvet covers and bed sheets can turn into ready-to-wear elements. To make new with old, favor cotton, linen or satin bed linen. Why not even recycle a printed bed set to make a skirt with bucolic patterns? Let your creativity speak with this tutorial intended for those who master the art of the sewing machine.