The country chic decorating style has captured the hearts of many lovers of warm, elegant interiors. Combining the rustic charm of the countryside with touches of sophistication, this trend gives pride of place to comforting colors, natural materials and delicate prints. It's the perfect way to create a cosy atmosphere in your living space !

Soft colors and patterns

To create a country-house atmosphere, start with soft, natural hues such as off-white, beige, pearl grey and pastel. In combination, brighter accents such as sky blue, sage green or powder pink are perfect. 

When it comes to patterns, country chic is all about delicate prints: discreet floral motifs, fine stripes or more traditional checks. Introduce these prints in elements such as cushions, curtains or tablecloths, while taking care not to overload the space. Indeed, simplicity remains the key to country chic decorating.


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Materials inspired by nature

Like colors, materials play a crucial role in creating a chic country atmosphere. Choose natural materials such as raw wood, rattan, stone and ceramics. Authentic fabrics in linen or cotton will bring a feeling of comfort and conviviality to your interior. 

Country chic furniture, meanwhile, is characterized by its timeless allure and simple lines. Opt for pieces such as a solid wood farmhouse table, a distressed chest of drawers or carved wooden chairs. You can even add vintage decorative elements or reclaimed objects for added charm. 

A subtle blend of rusticity and sophistication, country chic is sure to win you over !