CONSEILS - Yoga : 5 postures pour améliorer son sommeil

Tips - Yoga: 5 postures to improve your sleep

Do you have difficulty sleeping? When counting the sheep is not enough, yoga can be the solution! Studies have shown it: this practice can have positive effects on sleep by relieving the nervous system. Discover our 5 favorite postures to sleep better.

The posture of the child

This is one of the most relaxing postures and is often used at the beginning and at the end of a yoga session. To make it: sit on your knees, extend the torso to them with your arms stretched and stretched to the maximum. Nothing like it to relax the body and the mind.

The posture of the butterfly

This pose takes its name from the fact that the movement of the legs resembles the flashing of the butterfly wings. Sit straight, fold your knees and put your feet inward, then exert mild pressure on your knees while keeping the spine very straight.


The posture of the half chandelle

Particularly relaxing, this posture is excellent for reducing stress because it soothes the nervous system. It is also very easy to do. Lie on the floor next to a wall, stretch the legs against it in a 90 degree angle, and hold the pose for 5 minutes.

The posture of the plow

Practical to relieve back pain, this installation also helps to stimulate blood circulation. Lie on your back and spread your legs over your head. Place your feet on the floor behind you with the toes touching the floor, your hands flat along the body.


The posture of the bridge

As its name suggests, this posture consists in raising hips to create a bridge -shaped position. It allows you to stretch the chest, neck and spine. Lie on your back, fold your knees and gradually raise the pelvis up, hands on the ground.