CONSEILS - Traversin ou oreiller : que choisir pour un sommeil réparateur ?

Tips - Branch or pillow: What to choose for a restful sleep?

Locked up on the bed, raising your legs, supporting the lumbar ... in many ways, the bolts meet the expectations of many sleeps. Would you like to replace it with a pillow or hesitate to add it to your bedding? Carré Blanc tells you everything about this pillow all in length.

Bans, a multifunctional accessory

Long and cylindrical, bolts are a pillow versatile and comfortable. Due to its tubular form, it adapts to multiple uses such as:

Raise the head

If you like to sleep the raised nape (on the back or on the side), the bolster offers adequate support that helps relieve cervical pain and avoid morning torticollis. During a cold, it also enhances its head to breathe better.

Bite into it

If it is firm enough, the bike allows you to sit comfortably to read, watch TV or have breakfast in bed.

Offer support to certain parts of the body

If the bolts usually place under the head, it can also be wedged between the legs. During the night, it allows to limit the twists at the basin level for people who prefer to sleep on the side. Conversely, for back sleeps, it can be slipped under the kidneys in order to create a natural curve and avoid low back pain. Finally, bolts are particularly useful for pregnant women, because it relieves the weight of the belly. Only condition: choose it firm and padded enough.

Relieve the feeling of heavy legs

Place a bolts under your knees to lightly enhance your legs and promote better blood circulation.

Perfect the decor

Trades are an element of traditional bedding that has existed for centuries. Unmissable component of beds with our grandparents and those of starry hotels, it straightens the pillows in a refined way. In decorative use, it adds a luxurious touch to a sleeping area and sublimates the headboard for an even more welcoming cocoon. For a harmonious decoration, opt for our pillowcases Made in soft and respectful materials of your skin.

Last possible use: simply snuggle up! Many sleeping, especially the youngest, love it for its reassuring side. For peaceful nights, hold it between the knees and pass it under the head.

Can we replace the pillow with a bolster?

The dilemma arises between bolster or pillow ? To make the right choice, you should know that bolts constitutes above all a great bed accessory. Since it is used above all to raise a pillow and gain height, so it is rarely used alone.

However, comfort remains a preference question: if you are enough to sleep well, it can be used alone. For optimal comfort, we advise you to select its level of firmness according to your sleep habits:

On the side

To support the neck during the night, it is recommended to choose a firm bike. He must indeed be able to compensate for the width of your shoulders.

On the back

Too flat, the bolts do not offer sufficient support. Too thick, it may tilt your head forward and be uncomfortable. The solution: opt for a half-farre bike.

On the window

The bolts are generally not recommended for sleepers on your stomach, unless you choose it very flexible and soft.

To sleep comfortably, the pillow remains the favorite element. It adapts to the personal needs of each sleeper and promotes good posture, regardless of your sleeping position. Due to its square or rectangle shape, it also wraps its head better in the direction of height. Finally, the pillow is more handy and can be moved as you wish. An element not to be overlooked for the sleeping sleeps that move a lot.

Our tip: if you prefer bolts and your partner the pillow, opt for a small bike adapted to a bed a place. To extend its lifespan, also cover it with a Protecting bolts.