CONSEILS - Tout savoir sur les cycles du sommeil

Tips - All about sleep cycles

If good health starts with a good sleep, a lot is happening between the moment when we put our heads on the pillow and the one when our alarm rings. Because our balance is above all governed by different phases that follow one another during the night: sleep cycles. Slow, sleep, deep sleep, paradoxical sleep… Does that speak to you?

The different sleep cycles

The sleep cycle is articulated in 4 different stages :

  • The sleeping phase : It designates the moment when fatigue is felt. The heart rate slows down, the muscles relax and the eyes close. This half-sleep phase usually lasts between 5 and 20 minutes.
  • Light slow sleep : This phase is mainly characterized by a slowdown in brain activity. During this statement state, our body can still be easily woken up by external noises or small bursts.
  • Deep slow sleep : This is the phase during which sleep is the most recovery. Our organization takes the opportunity to regenerate and eliminate toxins, which is why deep sleep is considered to be the most beneficial for health.
  • Paradoxical sleep : It takes its name from the paradox which exists between an intense brain activity and a completely motionless body. Representing about 25% of the sleep cycle, this phase is the moment when you dream the most.

Several cycles (3 to 5) approximately 90 minutes will follow one another during the night. Within a cycle, the duration of each stadium varies depending on the moment of the night. At the start of the night, there will be a majority of slow slow stadiums, and at the end of the night, a majority of paradoxical stages.

For sleep well And do not deregulate your internal clock, it is also necessary to limit the screens before bedtime. Indeed, blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates natural monitoring and awakening cycles. A good reason to swap your smartphone for a good book!

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