Consuming less but better is possible and it is even necessary for the planet! In terms of decoration, it is not so complicated to reduce our environmental footprint by buying more thoughtful. Discover our best tips for decorating your interior eco-responsible.

Choose sustainable materials

To consume more responsibly, it all starts with the choice of raw materials. Favor quality materials such as cotton and linen, preferably from organic farming or Oeko-tex labeled. Used for the manufacture of household linen, these natural fibers are particularly resistant and accompany you for a long time. Better yet: choose textiles made from recycled fabrics!

Pay attention to the manufacturing process

To help improve things, you have to pay attention to the overall life cycle of the product that travels a number of transformation stages, such as weaving or spinning. The more the product will be made near you, the more reduced its ecological impact. To pollute less, it is therefore better to turn to traceable and transparent decoration marks, who have nothing to hide from consumers.

DIY launch out

DIY is another way to adopt a more responsible decoration. Do you have used household linen? Do not hesitate to give it a second life by making your decorative objects yourself. With a little imagination and creativity, you can for example Transform an old duvet cover into a children's hut. One way to reduce your textile waste while doing new with old!