Mattress, sheets, carpets, carpets, curtains ... they may be invisible to the naked eye, acarians are omnipresent in our homes, especially in the room. These mini-players cause allergies for many people, which is why it is important to fight against the proliferation of mites. Here are our solutions to protect themselves with efficiency of house dust mites.

The room: Terminal favorite habitat

Belonging to the spiders family, mites appeared approximately 400 million years ago. Measuring about 0.3 mm, these little allergenic animals appreciate the dark and humid places, which is why they are mainly lodged in the room, in the heart of our mattresses, duvets, pillows and sheets. They feed on dead skins, hairs of human or animal origin, and their droppings contain highly allergenic particles. These penetrate the respiratory tract and cause unpleasant allergy reactions such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma or eczema.

The first step in anti-allergy treatment is therefore to combat the proliferation of mites in bedding. To do this, it is important to adopt the right gestures, such as aerate the room and renew your sheets once a week and wash them at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. Duvets and pillows must also be washed effectively once a quarter to kill allergenic mites. Banom feathers and downward down for the benefit of synthetic fiber bedding, and prefer a slatted box spring rather than a upholsterer to limit the risk of allergy.

Limit dust and humidity in its home

When you know that a gram of dust contains up to 1000 mites, it is essential to pay more attention and efficiency to the household of your home. Hunt the dust on the shelves, carpet, carpets, curtains and the floor, passing the vacuum cleaner at least once a week. The mattress, the cushions and the sofa should not be forgotten: vacuuming the weekly way to maximize the presence of allergenic mites in all the rooms.

In addition to dust, humidity is the main factor in proliferation of mites, which is why it is important to ventilate your accommodation daily, especially your room, for at least 15 minutes for significant efficiency. Also control the temperature: it should not exceed 19 ° C in the rooms. Finally, avoid drying laundry in your accommodation and reduce the number of green plants. In some cases, an interior dehumidifier can be a solution in the treatment of allergenic mites.

Because they benefit from anti-acorian, anti-bacterial and anti-musisure treatments, white square bedding products are suitable for people who suffer from dust allergies.