In France, One in three people suffer from sleep disorders like fatigue and insomnia. Fortunately, these health problems are not inevitable. In reality, it is often enough to eradicate our bad habits to easily fall back into the arms of Morpheus. Discover the top 5 things that prevent you from sleeping and our advice to pass (finally) peaceful nights.

The exciting

At the top of the list: caffeine. Although it contains certain health benefits, it stimulates the activity of the nervous system and causes adrenaline release at the origin of sleep disorders. In order not to harm falling asleep, it is therefore advisable to Do not consume coffee, tea or cocoa after a certain hour - caffeine acting in our bodies for 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. Another drink to ban to limit sleep disorders and the risk of insomnia: alcohol, which considerably disrupts sleep cycles and has the consequence of agitated nights and difficult awakenings. And this is even worth for healthy people who consumed a light dose (between 1 and 2 glasses).

The stress

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand with insomnia and sleep disorders. And for good reason, they induce a state of hyper-awakening which delays the beginning of falling asleep and release hormones which increase the heart rate and maintain the body in constant alert. To regain its balance and health, practices like Meditation or deep breathing In a calm environment are recommended, as is physical exercise. The latter lengthens the time spent in deep sleep, thus reducing sleep disorders like insomnia. The only rule to be respected: avoid playing sports after 8 p.m., otherwise the opposite effect.

Blue light

Are you the type to scroll on your Instagram feed before sleeping? It’s a bad habit for your health! Our phone, tablets and computers screens broadcast a blue light that reduces melatonin production, the sleep hormone. In other words: by imitating daylight, our screens mislead our brain and prevent asleep, at the same time provoking insomnia. On the pillow, it is better to favor reading to eradicate sleep disorders. Indeed, studies have shown that reading before sleeping can considerably reduce our level of stress and fatigue. A good habit to adopt as quickly as possible to say goodbye to his insomnia and take care of his health.

The bedding

Among the managers of sleep and fatigue disorders, bedding is rarely pointed out. And yet, a too soft mattress or a too firm pillow can have a harmful impact on health and cause insomnia. This is why it is important to take into account your morphology and its sleep position in order to guarantee an awakening without stiffness or heaviness. Wash your bed linen At least once a week makes it possible to eradicate mites and other germs, invisible enemies of our health and omnipresent in our environment. Indeed, an allergic person will more easily suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders if their bedding is not clean and healthy.

Your room temperature

According to experts, the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 16 and 18 ° C. Below or above this average, the health of our sleep can be affected and insomnia may occur. To fall asleep in good conditions, the body needs to cool slightly. This is why it is best to sleep with a hot duvet, a hot water bottle or socks rather than mounting heating, at the risk of causing sleep disorders. At Carré Blanc, our range of bedding offers quilts At the dense filling which guarantee a perfect distribution of heat in the bed to avoid insomnia.