CONSEILS - Dormir sans oreiller : une bonne idée ?

Tips - Sleeping without pillow: a good idea?

Considered "the evil of the century", back pain can sometimes manifest itself during the night or upon awakening. This is the reason why some make the choice of sleeping without pillow. But is it really a good idea? What are the advantages and disadvantages for our health? Discover our tips to take advantage of a quality sleep in the best possible position.

Sleep without pillow: is it good for health?

If sleeping with a pillow is obvious for some, others prefer to sleep without pillow to overcome their back and cervical pain. But then, who is right and who is wrong? In reality, it depends on the sleeping position of the sleeper. Indeed, a pillow has the main function of positioning your head so that it is in the natural alignment of your spine. Depending on the sleep position in which you sleep, sleeping without a pillow can therefore have a positive or negative impact on your health.

So sleeping without pillow can be adapted to those who sleep on their stomachs. This can reduce headache and cervical pain In people who have already tried everything. Indeed, this sleep position is considered the worst by health professionals. In some cases, sleeping without a pillow is better than sleeping on a too large pillow that worsens muscle tensions and aches causing cervicalgia.

On the other hand, sleeping without a pillow is not recommended for people who sleep on the side because the spine will suffer from a bad alignment. On the contrary, we recommend a thick pillow to limit tensions and Keep a neutral position For the well-being and the comfort of the sleeper. Finally, if you sleep on your back, you will also have to sleep with a pillow aimed at raising your head and respecting the natural curvature between the neck, the shoulders and your back.

What types of pillow favor?

To avoid back pain, sleep disorders, headache or untimely snoring, the best is still to choose a bedding adapted to your morphology. Rather than sleeping without a pillow, choose an ergonomic pillow, specially designed to provide personalized support to your body.

If you prefer the comfort of a traditional pillow rather than a memory pillow, you will need to be interested in the firmness index. Again, it is your sleep position that will determine the shape and The choice of your pillow. A firm and high pillow is suitable for sleepers on the side, while a soft and low pillow is recommended for sleepers on the belly. Those who like to sleep on their backs, for them, will go to a half-fire and half-haut pillow.

Finally, do not neglect the importance of a quality mattress For your health and well-being. If many criteria come into consideration, pay particular attention to the level of firmness of your mattress. Too soft, it could harm the good alignment of your spine during the night. Too firm, it could cause you pain and stiffness when you wake up. Take into account your sleep position and your morphology to determine your choice.