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Advice - How to fight against back pain when you wake up?

If you are subject to back pain when you wake up, know that there are solutions to relieve yourself and regain health. From the ergonomic pillow to your sleep position or even physical activity, discover all our tips to finally start the day on the right foot.

Why do we have a back pain when you wake up?

Back pain on waking can have several origins. If the mattress is first accused, very often, chronic back pain is actually caused by a multitude of factors. Among them, a poor prolonged posture during the day, an overly sedentary lifestyle, or A sleep position inappropriate. Sleeping on your stomach, for example, tends to cause more cervical pain than in people who sleep on their backs or on the side.

To limit Sleep disorders, snoring, headaches and low back pain, it is essential to adopt a sleep posture that respects the alignment of our spine during the night. On this point, the position on the belly is the worst for health, since it implies a twist of the cervical vertebrae. In the long term, sleeping on your stomach can therefore cause pain and harm our general well-being, day and night.

How to relieve back pain when you wake up?

Many people think that back pain rhymes with rest. And yet a Regular physical activity is the best way to no longer have back pain when you wake up. Morality: you have to move to keep shape! No need to run a marathon to observe the benefits on our health, a simple daily walk at the time of the lunch break can do the trick. Bike and swimming are particularly indicated for playing sports while sparing its joints.

In addition to the practice of sport, it is important to indulge in some stretch exercises To take care of his health. If you wake up with a back pain, take the time to stretch slowly, without sudden gesture, to "unlock" your body gently. In parallel, try to integrate back stretching sessions into your daily life. For example, stretch your spine by growing up as much as possible, hands linked to the sky. Hold this position a few seconds before releaseing, expanding deeply.

What bedding favor?

It is important to invest in quality bedding to limit the risk of back pain when you wake up, and it starts with The choice of your mattress. This must be firm enough to ensure the appropriate support of your body, and soft enough to guarantee you some sleep comfort. To make the right choice, make yourself advised by a store specialist: this one can orient you towards a mattress and a box spring perfectly suited to your morphology.

If some make the choice of sleeping without pillow To fight against their low back or cervical pain, a pillow is highly recommended to respect the natural curvature between the neck, shoulders and back during the night. Depending on your sleep position, head for a firm pillow, a soft pillow or an ergonomic memory pillow. Again, it is your sleeping position that will determine the firmness index of your pillow.

If all these solutions bring you no relief, it is certainly time to consult a masseur-physiotherapist to definitively resolve your back pain and regain well-being in the morning upon waking. Also discover our advice for Maintain your bedding Regularly and thus enjoy a quality sleep.