What could be more elegant than white linen? Provided that it is well maintained of course! Particularly fragile, white textiles require our full attention to keep their immaculate whiteness that we love so much. From grandmother tips to washing advice, discover our guide to maintain your white laundry on a daily basis.

How to wash your white laundry?

Sorting is an essential step. It is very important to isolate white in the machine. In effect, White absorbs colors which can permanently disgorge and color your household linen. There are detergents specially adapted to white. This is the case of universal powdered or tablets laundry, which contain, among other components, laundering agents and Optics Azurants which give white textiles a brilliant whiteness.

To wash your white laundry well, simply follow the instructions on washing label. And if the latter is still not white enough to your liking, you can always launch a new rinsing cycle by adding Diluted oxygenated water In the drum to give it good looks.

Keep the whiteness of your laundry

There are some grandmother tips To maintain your white laundry and prolong its sparkle as long as possible. Among them, exposure to frost. Drying the household linen outside on gel evenings allows textiles to find its original whiteness. The same is true on full moon nights. That night, dew produces a chemical reaction: nitrogen peroxide from this reaction whitens your laundry naturally.

Conversely, some washing errors can lead to making your white or yellowed white laundry. The subdosing, for example, leads to limestone deposits that tarnish white linen and damage the machine. The fibers wear out faster and your textiles seem neglected.

Treat tasks on white linen

To treat stubborn tasks, it is necessary to act quickly with a specific stain remover or a natural solution like baking soda diluted with water. Use a cloth or sponge to stamp the task on your white cloth and let stand in the open air for at least 30 minutes. Then slide your laundry into the washing machine using your usual program.

Another devilishly effective solution: Soda percarbonate ! This overpowered stain remover does miracles to treat tasks and maintain white linen. To use it, add one to two tablespoons of sodium percarbonate in the drum during the washing cycle.