Washing, whitening, drying, ironing ... It is sometimes difficult to decipher the different maintenance symbols and pictograms present on the labels of our clothes or our bed linen. However, it is important to know how to read them, because the textile labels contain all the necessary information and is our best guides for maintenance of our laundry. Discover our tips to decipher the mysteries of washing labels and become a laundry pro!

The meaning of maintenance symbols

A washing accident quickly arrived! To avoid narrowing your woolen sweater or draining too dark jeans on your favorite t-shirt, only one solution: learn to decrypt the symbols present on washing labels. Before launching the program of your washing machine, take care to look carefully at the icons that specify the washing temperature, but also the indications for drying and ironing. Thus, you will minimize the risks of seeing your laundry deteriorated when cleaning in the washing machine.

Washing symbols

For washing, three labeling cases are to be considered: either any form of washing is strictly prohibited, or only hand washing is possible, or finally washing washing is possible. In the latter case, the recommendations then relate to the choice of temperature and the intensity of the mechanical action.

  • The basin filled with water indicates that machine washing is authorized. The water temperature is indicated inside.
  • The line under the machine washing symbol indicates moderate washing (a line), with very moderate (two lines). This is the delicate machine cleaning program.
  • The hand in the basin indicates that the textiles must be washed only by hand and at low temperature.
  • The basin barred with a cross indicates that washing washing or hand washing is prohibited.
  • The round means that dry cleaning is recommended. The different letters designate washing protocols for professionals.
  • The barred round indicates that dry cleaning is prohibited.
  • The triangle indicates that all types of whitening are allowed: chlorine, bleach ...
  • The barred triangle means that whitening is not recommended.

Drying symbols

We find in the dryer the same conditions of agitation in a hot and humid environment as in the washing machine, likely to reveal phenomena of felting and dimensional variation. This is why it is essential, again, to read the maintenance symbols present on the labels of clothing and bed linen.

  • The circle in a square with a point means that drying in the dryer is possible without temperature restriction
  • The circle in a square with two points indicates that drying in the dryer is possible at a moderate temperature not exceeding 50 ° C.
  • The circle in a square with a crossed cross indicates that drying in the dryer is prohibited. In this case, opt for drying indoors or outside the house.
  • The line in the circle indicates that it is necessary to favor flat drying.

Ironing symbols

If certain textile fibers such as cotton gain to be ironed to regain their softness and flexibility, other more fragile textiles, can be marked indelibly when they are subjected to the high temperature of the iron. For the maintenance of your delicate laundry, pay attention to the ironing symbols present on the labels of clothing and bed linen.

  • The iron indicates that ironing is allowed. The maximum heat level is indicated by the number of point inside the iron: a point implies a low temperature (110 ° C), two points an average temperature (150 ° C), three points a strong temperature (200 ° VS).
  • The barred iron means that ironing textiles is not possible.

From now on, the labels' maintenance symbols will no longer have a secret for you! Finally, to limit the risk of odor and humidity after your washing machine, follow our advice for Ranger your bed linen and maintain your laundry over time.