To ensure we get a good night’s rest, it’s important to ensure our bed is comfortable, cool and inviting. We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it’s certainly worth investing in the best bedding we can afford! From thread counts to materials and certifications, Carré Blanc reveals the secrets to choosing high-quality bedding and bed linen.

Thread counts

Thread counts indicate the quality and durability of a textile. The higher the number of threads per square centimeter, the denser and more resistant the fabric will be. The standard quality is 57 threads per square centimeter (144 TC), usually found in reinforced cotton. Made from longer fibres, cotton percale counts 80 threads per square centimeter (200 TC), making it more comfortable and durable than standard cotton. Finally, with a density of 120 threads per square centimeter (300 TC) cotton sateen’s bright, silky finish makes it the gold standard in luxury and hotel bedding.


Our duvet covers come into direct contact with our skin, so the choice of textile is hugely important. Cotton is the most popular fibre in the textile industry. It’s absorbent, durable and comfortable, making it ideal for bedding and bed accessories. Whether you choose plain cotton, cotton percale or cotton sateen, try and opt for a product that uses only combed cotton, where only the very best cotton fibres are used. You’ll feel the difference!

Linen is another excellent choice. Its fibres keep cool in summer and retain warmth in winter, making linen bedding a great solution for those looking for minimal fuss. To give it added softness, linen is treated with a special wash to soften the fibres. Easy to clean, its durability and quality are ideal for bedding that’s often washed and dried.

Certification and labels

Textile labels aren’t just indicators of quality, they also contain vital information about the conditions of manufacturing and the provenance of the raw materials. One of the leading labels, OEKO-TEX 100, guarantees that no toxic chemicals were used during production. Meanwhile, the GOTS certification acts as a guarantee that the product is manufactured from organic cotton that has been sustainably sourced and harvested. At Carré Blanc, all of our products fall under one of these two labels.