Difficult to sleep when the heat wave comes up. Despite fatigue, extreme temperatures and lack of air prevent us from sinking into the arms of Morpheus quickly. Fortunately, there are a few tips to lower the body temperature and cool the atmosphere during hot summer nights.

Tip n ° 1: Light dinner

During the digestion process, our body temperature increases to burn food. To limit the release of heat by the body, it is therefore preferable to eat light in the evening. Among Foods that promote sleep : complete starchy foods, vegetables and legumes. To sleep well when it is hot, we avoid hearty and fatty meals, especially animal proteins whose digestion time is very long. We also limit alcohol taking which considerably disrupts sleep cycles. In summer, water remains our best ally!

Tip n ° 2: Take a shower

In general, the Ideal temperature for sleeping must not exceed 18 ° C. This is the reason why it is so difficult to fall asleep in the event of hot weather. To help the body cool, you take a cool shower (but not too cold) to moisten the skin. We then slip into his bed without drying completely to make the feeling of freshness last as much time. It is also possible to deposit a bowl of cold water in the room to promote a damp atmosphere and fall asleep easily despite the heat wave.

Tip n ° 3: sleep in breathable sheets

The choice of sheets is very important to sleep better in case of high temperature increases. When it is hot, you have to favor the linen bed linen or cotton, natural materials that absorb perspiration well. Particularly breathable, linen has the advantage of regulating body temperature, so it is recommended in summer. Avoid satin sheets: because of its very tight weaving, this fabric is less airy than the cotton percale. Finally, for your pajamas, again choose natural fibers. In the Polyester cupboard!