You want to revamp your interior but you don't know how associate ? As with clothes, the mix and match obeys certain decor rules. What colors should be married? Can we dare certain shades in the bedroom or the kitchen? Discover our tips to avoid the traps and create a design atmosphere in the house.

Rule n ° 1: do not associate more than 3 colors at a time

It is not always easy to know the complementary colors or to master the right contrasts between different tones. On the other hand, the first elementary rule is not to mix more than 3 shades. Why ? To want to do it too much, you risk losing the harmony of the room. In decoration, everything is a question of dosage. To avoid the fault of taste, determine a single dominant color, then choose a second tone close to it. If you want to add a bright color to wake up the whole, use it sparingly: a cushion cover Colorful will be perfect for giving a little pep to your interior decor.

Rule n ° 2: Do not mix cold and hot colors

The secret to create a clever mixture of shades in the decor? Associate opposite colors of chromatic circle. For example: red and green, orange and blue, or even yellow and purple. In order not to attack the eye, we choose these colors in sober shades, like an ocher yellow or a duck blue. However, it happens that certain colors deemed incompatible form an surprisingly trendy duo. This is the case of green and blue which create a peaceful decor and a harmonious rendering. In general, cold tones enlarge the space with their design spirit, while the warm colors tend to shrink the room by bringing a warm side.

Rule n ° 3: Do not mix too many bright colors

If the bright shades give dynamism to certain rooms of the house, such as the kitchen or the bedroom, they may also have the disadvantage of saturating the space. The good idea? Choose a dapper color and decline it under different shades to create a gradient effect in your decor. We thus play on its intensity while creating a shades of design colors which will marry perfection. If you still hesitate, start by changing only a few decorative elements. For example: adopt a Fantasy bed set In the room before repainting all your walls!

Once the right color has been chosen, you will still have to opt for the right design furniture, good patterns and good accessories such as linens. Inspired? Do not hesitate to take a look at our Pinterest page To pin our best decorative ideas.