By chaining working days, stressful events and vagaries of life, you sometimes feel great fatigue and an overflow of emotions. What if you were told that the solution to your anxiety and your decrease in creativity was in just 20 minutes? At work or at home, taking a nap is a habit that could change your life!

The nap is good advisor

“The night is advice” says the saying. Sleeping allows you to take distance in order to act in the best way. Being the afternoon nap would therefore be an effective way to take a wellness break in your daily life. When you wake up, you will have clear ideas, and you will undoubtedly be able to Find the solution to some of your problems.

Nap stimulates creativity

When we sleep, our unconscious continues to work. Thus, images and information stored during awakening reach your brain in a clear way. The nap keeps us in a light sleep phase, conducive to inspiration and creation.

Nap reduces stress

Between work, transport, unforeseen events and small concerns of everyday life, you are subject to stress and anxiety, which sometimes prevents you from sleeping. Napping does not require an important time investment: it allows you to pause your worries. Wake, Your stress will have decreased And your health will be improved.

The nap is beneficial for the heart

Nap has health benefits: it decreases The risk of heart accidents and cardiovascular disease. By practicing it at least 3 times a week, in the afternoon, for example, this risk would decrease by 30%. What is it due to? Sleep recharging batteries and decreases stress: the latter is one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors.

Nap against lack of sleep

Little by little, we accumulate A sleep debt which can harm our health and well-being. The nap helps to compensate for this type of fatigue. In just 10 minutes of light sleep, we improve our vigilance, our physical and intellectual capacities. Napping allows us to have a kind of restful sleep in record time.


Having a restful sleep is the key to spending good productive and positive days. With a nap in the afternoon or a good full night, you make sure good health. To have a quality sleep, Carré Blanc offers Duvets and pillows Suitable for all sleeprs.