To sleep well is a whole art. To benefit from quality sleep and take care of your health, there are a few simple tips. Monitor the temperature, turn off your smartphone, treat your decor: discover our tips for sleeping better and keeping in shape day after day.

Regulate the temperature

When fatigue is felt, our body temperature decreases to promote sleep. An overheated room therefore prevents us from finding sleep. A scientific fact that explains why it is so hard to sleep during the heat wave periods. For our well-being, the temperature should not exceed 19 ° C in the bedroom. Rather than putting up the heating, you choose a special winter duvet or a warm plaid placed on the bed.

Choose the right bedding

Mattress, duvet and pillow play a crucial role in the quality of sleep and health. Good bedding must therefore meet the physiological needs of each and adapt to the size, weight and position of the sleeper. If the choice of the pillow is mainly determined by its firmness, The choice of duvet, it is determined by its level of heat, its filling and its dimensions. Too small, a duvet will leave your toes in the air; Too large, she will not stop slipping on the ground!

Turn off the screens

The screens have a harmful impact on our sleep as well as our health. In question: the blue light diffused by our phones, computers and tablets, which disturb our melatonin production, the sleep hormone. Reading a book, on the contrary, is a good way to relax before going to bed. Indeed, reading reduces the level of stress by establishing a state of total decompression. So we swap his Netflix series against a good book to sleep better!

Sleep in the dark

Sleeping in full darkness optimizes the quality of sleep. According to many scientific studies, light, whether natural or artificial, can cause sleep disorders. A simple Radio Roomer night light may be enough to disrupt our falling asleep. We therefore ban most electrical devices and invest in blackout curtains to establish total darkness and avoid night awakenings that could harm our health.

Treat your decoration

A room where you sleep well is a room where you feel good. To create a cozy and comfortable space, it is important to treat the decoration of your sleeping area. Colors, patterns, materials: follow our advice for Choose beautiful household linenAnd shape an interior in your image. In general, it is best to avoid garish colors in the room. Bet on a palette of pastel colors to bring softness and serenity to the room.

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