CONSEILS - 3 techniques pour (enfin) réussir à mettre sa housse de couette

ADVICE - 3 tips for changing your bedding

When it comes to the most-hated household tasks, changing the bed is arguable at the top of the list. Fortunately, at Carré Blanc we’ve got some insider tips for a pain-free process, so that you can enjoy the feeling of fresh bedding without disappearing into your duvet cover, never to be seen again. Read on to discover these top YouTube secrets!

Technique 1: the lobster

Founder of startup Hopoli, Benjamin Rimajou has cracked the code when it comes to changing the bed in under a minute. Founder of Hopoli, Benjamin has invented a household lifesaver: a pair of pegs that can be fastened to each side of a door frame, allowing the duvet cover to be slipped over the top. Changing the bed solo has never been easier! Bonus: Benjamin’s invention can also be used to save time folding bedding.

Technique 2: the burrito

Quick and easy, the burrito technique involves unrolling your duvet cover inside out along your mattress. Then, as if you were adding a layer to a burrito, place the duvet on top, rolling as you go to create a tightly formed cylinder. Finally, tuck in the four corners of the duvet and unroll. Voilà - a freshly changed bed in the blink of an eye!

Technique 3: the inside-out

Arguably the best-known technique for changing your duvet cover solo, the inside-out technique works as its name suggests. First up, place the duvet on the mattress, then lay the duvet cover inside-out on top of it. Then, put your arms up inside the duvet cover (still flat on top of the duvet) and grab the corners of both duvet and duvet cover. Drag the duvet inside the duvet cover - as the duvet moves down into the duvet cover, the cover will turn itself the right way out!