This season, we have collaborated with the international art galleries network Artists And the Spanish painter Marc Agusil to imagine a unique collection where art is expressed freely on textiles.

The collaboration Marc Agusil x Square of artists x square white

For the first time in its history, Carré Blanc wanted to collaborate with a network of art galleries. Fallen in love with Marc Agusil's work, the Carré Blanc style team chose this painter with the colorful and daring universe to transcribe his works of art on household linen. Marc Agusil, Artists And Carré Blanc therefore worked hand in hand to give birth to the Agusil collection.

More than a simple bed set, this collection is a real innovation in textiles. Designed in Marc Agusil's workshop in Barcelona, ​​the original canvases were transported and then photographed in a studio in Lyon by Victor Perez. These high definition shots then allowed the white square teams to faithfully transcribe all the colors and the effects of materials of these extraordinary works on textiles.

A tribute to women and artists of this world

Marc Agusil's work is distinguished by his singular painting technique, made of texture and materials. In his workshop located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​the artist manufactures his own pigments painting in order to obtain this effect of relief and texture. The knife and the brush allow it to give life to these colorful characters: women of character with a piercing look and in the face carved in detail.

Made of cotton percale, the Agusil bed set offers a reversible and immersive double decor, illustrating two female portraits with saturated colors and textured effects. As a real work of art, we find the artist's signature on the two sides of the duvet cover. A collection that will find its place in urban style interiors and in the hearts of all lovers of contemporary art.


Find it Agusil collection In limited edition on the website and in the square white store.