Many of you let us know your desire to consume better and we share it! Better produce so that you are free to consume better, this is the completely assumed meaning of our Sustainable transition process.

In 2022, we decided to use our enthusiasm to make things happen by developing Increased traceability On all of our products. Thus, recently, we have offered you the possibility of having access to all the stages of manufacturing our collections.

Place with traceability

Where does the raw material from your duvet cover come from, where has your towel was made? It is to answer all your questions that we have implemented a transparency system for trace the life course of our products.

Thanks to QR printed code On the label or directly on the website product sheet, you can trace the life cycle of a product, from the harvesting of the raw material to making, via weaving or spinning.



To date, this traceability program covers 50% of our products. By 2023, our goal is to establish total transparency on 100% of our collections household linen.