As a space dedicated to relaxation and well-being, bathroom decoration must be warm and inviting for all members of the family. Looking for ideas to bring your bathroom into line with the latest trends ? Carré Blanc decodes three trends for 2023 to bring your bathroom up to date and make it a haven of peace.

1. A seaside-inspired bathroom

Sea colors, natural materials and marine motifs, the seaside style transports you straight to vacation, as long as you don't go overboard! Exit the nets, seagulls and boats and make way for simplicity and lightness.

Opt for decorative objects made from natural materials, such as rattan baskets, a wooden mirror and a few glass jars filled with sand or shells. In terms of color, opt for shades of blue combined with more neutral colors such as beige or greige.

To bring a touch of originality to your bathroom, opt for a bath set discreetly embroidered with colorful corals and shells, or a bath mat with an XXL shell motif.

2. A bohemian-inspired bathroom

Ideal for bringing a breath of nature and romance into your bathroom, the bohemian style plays with natural colors and raw materials. From bamboo hanging baskets and hand-woven rugs to ethnic motifs, bohemian style allows you to mix different inspirations.

For a resolutely trendy look, opt for this macramé-inspired cotton bath linen. Last but not least, refine your bathroom decor with a few scented candles and green plants. Orchids, Pilea, Maranta or Calathea: they're all perfect for a bright, humid space.

3. An exotic bathroom

Looking for total escape ? The exotic bathroom is for you! With its warm, vitamin-rich hues, tropical and ethnic motifs and indoor plants, the exotic style is the perfect change of scenery.

To successfully decorate your exotic bathroom, opt for wooden furniture and raw materials that evoke nature. Add shades of green, yellow and blue to your decor and opt for soft cotton bath linens.

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