This spring-summer, adopt the country house decor with Madeleine, a bed set in faded blues that tenderly recalls the linen of yesteryear. Agnès, stylist at Carré Blanc, reveals the manufacturing secrets of this collection inspired by craftsmanship.

A madeleine of Proust

Nostalgic for the linens of yesteryear, our designer has drawn on her childhood memories to create the Madeleine collection. She revisits the cashmere pattern in a cameo of soft blues, all in a bohemian spirit thanks to a mix of washed cotton and linen. "Madeleine pays tribute to handmade, to tradition. It's a bed linen set that has been passed down from generation to generation," explains Agnès.

Entirely drawn in watercolor, the Madeleine collection oscillates between shades of navy blue, indigo, Baltic blue or sky blue. "For the first design, I was inspired by the paisley pattern, a classic Persian design. For the second design, I chose a fine stripe overprinted with a paisley pattern, a stamp effect, for an aged look, like faded denim.

A double bohemian style decor

Combining natural materials and colors, the Madeleine collection is part of the great trend of bohemian decoration. "The cotton and linen blend was washed during the manufacturing process, making the fabric softer, softer and not requiring ironing," says the designer.

Between tradition and modernity, the Madeleine bedding set displays some fancy details, like a lovely little blue braid around the pillowcases. Offering plenty of mix and match possibilities, this collection is perfect for bringing the beautiful season into the home.


The Madeleine collection is available now in stores and on our website.