A baby gift set, a bath cape, a comforter or even a sleeping bag for baby: it's not always easy to choose the perfect gift for the arrival of a newborn. Discover our selection of items to celebrate this happy event and please the young parents.

The bath cape: a beautiful idea for a birth gift

The first essential to welcome a baby: the bath cape ! Comfortable and absorbent, it must also be made from responsible materials that respect the sensitive skin of newborns. To wrap the baby up and enjoy the babbling after the bath, choose a bath cape that is cleverly playful with patterns that invite play and awakening. An accessory that can accompany the little ones until the age of three years.

Childcare accessories : a safe bet

It's impossible to go wrong with a baby care gift at birth. Used on a daily basis, these accessories for baby's well-being bring comfort and softness to little ones. Flat comforter, cotton muslin diaper, plaid or nomadic mat: there is no shortage of birth gift ideas! To please your baby for sure, choose an accessory that combines soft colors and endearing patterns such as little animals.

Embroidery for a unique birth gift

Want to stand out with a truly original birth gift ? Offer a personalized gift by having initials, a first name or a sweet word embroidered on the item of your choice. Thanks to the embroidery service available in the Carré Blanc boutique, personalizing your birth gift is a breeze! Location, size, thread color: we take care of every detail to allow you to offer the most beautiful of attentions.

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